Collection: Mixer Cocktails

Mixer was founded in 1990 at the time of the spread of American bars in Italy and the demand for more refined, natural (often exotic and tropical) fruit-based drinks. Since its inception, Mixer has always been an innovative producer of concentrated fruit purees, bottled in "Speed ​​Bottle" containers, which facilitate the work of bartenders, and later are also used to market our Mixology line of coffees and syrups, launched in 2014.

Mixer continues its innovative path by constantly researching and developing exotic flavors and variations that are the most sought after on the market, with new flavors being launched every year, thus offering an unparalleled range. In addition, the company is constantly committed to adapting production to the demand for more and more natural ingredients. Today, Mixer exports its products to 50 countries worldwide and maintains its position as a leading company in the "Fruit Puree and Bar mix" category.

Mixer is the market-leading brand for shelf-stable fruit pulps for beverages. Our mission is to remain the leading supplier of fruit purees, syrups, cocktail mixes and cordials for professional use in the preparation of a wide variety of beverages. We strive to identify and offer great fruit-based beverage solutions for cocktail lovers, whether by profession or passion!

We stand for the full taste and smell of freshly picked fruit!