Lemon Dry

Extremely high-quality dehydrated fruit that presents an exceptional taste and decoration for drinks, dishes and desserts.

Dehydrated fruit presents an exceptional taste and appearance to your products, with which you create additional value and uniqueness.

A carefully prepared and dried delicacy that preserves the natural aromas, nutrients and juiciness of fresh fruit, but in a more convenient and durable form.

Our dehydration method is the result of a sophisticated process that allows maintaining the high quality and authentic taste of each piece of fruit.

During the process, the fruit is slowly dried at precisely controlled temperatures, allowing its essential components to be preserved without losing flavor or nutritional value.

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Lemon offer


A complete range of food products

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Mixer Cocktails

fruit purees, syrups and more

Mixer Cocktails

Mixer is the market-leading brand for shelf-stable fruit pulps for beverages. We strive to identify and offer great fruit-based beverage solutions for cocktail lovers, whether by profession or passion!

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Tanto Tanto Seng Chia Drink and Bubble Tea

Bubble tea, chia drink

Tanto Tanto

A series of suggestions for summer: non-alcoholic cold drinks. Tanto Tanto offers refreshing drinks - Chia Seed Drink and Bubble Tea, which is ready for immediate consumption. Enjoy the unique flavors and deep character of our drinks, ideal for summer days.

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Slushy, juices, hot chocolates...

SPM appliances

SPM Appliances for preparing slushy, hot chocolate, ice cream or for serving juices.

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Slushy, hot chocolate...

BRAS appliances

Elegant desktop dispenser, specially designed for mixing and preparing hot chocolate and other hot drinks

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