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Lemon juice 99.5%

Lemon juice 99.5%

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Pure Lemon contains 99.5% pressed Sicilian lemons. Steeped in tradition, it is considered the most fragrant and famous lemon in the world due to its heritage and taste! The perfectly ripe lemons are picked and pressed every September to ensure the purest juice, then bottled with no added sugars, flavors or artificial colours.

Pure lemon is ideal for starters, main dishes, salads, marinades and desserts. Also perfect for any bar job, such as adding acidity to cocktails or making your own sour mixes with the same results as any freshly squeezed lemon, but with a lot less work! Packaged in glass and ready to use with a metal dispenser, Pure Lemon allows you to serve faster with a controlled rate that ensures zero waste and, importantly, a stable product over time and is not overly bitter.

One bottle of Pure Lemon 99.5% contains the same amount as 1.5 kg of supermarket-bought lemons.

Quantity: 700ml

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